© Copyright 2012 Envision Edmonton Opportunities Society.  All Rights Reserved  title=  title=  title=  title= Airports are economic generators and serve to connect communities.  As the Province’s Capital, Edmonton is home to major tertiary hospitals, the legislature, government offices, industrial suppliers and businesses.  The Edmonton City Centre Airport (ECCA) is best suited to service all of these needs. In 2010, a group of individuals came together to keep the ECCA available for all Albertans.  The ECCA serves communities and industry across the province and its closure will affect Health Care for rural Albertans as well as drive up transportation costs to industries in Northern Alberta. Although named Envision Edmonton, the organization is working for all Albertans.  Access to the Province’s Capital City is not only the responsibility of the City of Edmonton, but the Province of Alberta as well.  Envision Edmonton works towards that goal. About Envision Edmonton Ensuring that the Edmonton City Centre Airport is maintained as a vital Medevac and Air Transportation link for all Albertans.


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The Team Envision Edmonton Opportunities Society Chairperson: Charles R. Allard Directors: Ian Barrigan Dean Braithwaite Ronald Dales Dr. J.T.L.C. Fernando Ralph Henderson Bob McEwen Dr. Kerry Pawluski Bruce Ritchie Edward Schlemko Mary Anne Stanway Eugene Strilchuk Hundreds of volunteers who have dedicated their time to save the Edmonton City Centre Airport.  title=  title=  title=  title=  title=  title=  title=  title=  title=  title=