© Copyright 2012 Envision Edmonton Opportunities Society.  All Rights Reserved Frank Oberle says that the City of Edmonton made an “Incredibly Stupid Decision” about ECCA. Danielle Smith talks about the Edmonton City Centre Airport from High Level. Gary Mar speaks about not having read the Health Quality Council of Alberta report. Ted Morton admitting that he has not read the Health Quality Council of Alberta report. Friends of the North speak about the ECCA on YouTube - Multiple Videos available. Where do Albertans stand on the ECCA?  View the Environics Polling Results. Amanda talks about why she volunteered for Envision Edmonton. Dr. John Mullen (Director of Heart Transplantation) talks about the importance of the ECCA. Archives This page lists archives to old links that we previously featured on Envision Edmonton’s website. Petition drive archives can be viewed by visiting www.demandthevote.ca Envision Edmonton Opportunities Society