© Copyright 2012 Envision Edmonton Opportunities Society.  All Rights Reserved Envision Momentum to be released to the public in January, 2012. The Envision Edmonton newsletter,  Envision Momentum will see its first  issue in January, 2012.  The  newsletter keeps Albertans up to date  on what is going on with the ECCA,  events around the airport, and  contains articles and facts that the  public needs to know. Each month, a close up interview with  a political personality will be featured.  Doctors will tell you about Alberta’s  medevac issues allowing you, the  reader, to better understand what it  means when you depend on these life  saving flights, living outside of a major  city.  Request your personal subscription to  Envision Momentum by email at  momentum@envisionedmonton.ca or  by calling 780-454-1634. Response to Envision’s Telephone Campaign Strong December 8, 2011 In November, Envision Edmonton launched a telephone campaign to garner support for the Edmonton City Centre Airport (ECCA).  Anticipating that the ECCA will become an issue in the provincial election expected in the spring of 2012, Envision Edmonton started calling households that signed their petition in 2010. Those people that were contacted with a recorded message were given a choice to talk to an Envision volunteer to get the latest updates on the airport issue.  The response and support shown in this telephone campaign were better than expected.  Respondents that wanted to talk to a volunteer to get the latest updates more than tripled what would have been expected by an industry average for this type of activity.  There is still strong support for the ECCA by Edmontonians. Callers were asked if they remember signing the petition, why they felt the airport should be kept in our city and if they wanted to start receiving our newsletter, Envision Momentum. The call centre is closing for the Christmas season to give our hard working volunteers time for their family and is scheduled to reopen after the new year.  News Envision Edmonton Launched Telephone Campaign to Garner Support for City Centre Airport. Envision Edmonton Opportunities Society  December 10, 2011